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Gas safe plumber in Battersea

We are Gas Safe Plumbers in Battersea that you can rely on. All of our plumbers are Gas Safe registered engineers meaning they are checked and qualified to work safely and competently with gas. Knowing you are using a Gas Safe Plumber will give you peace of mind to know the work is being carried out by a qualified engineer. Sometimes people think it is cheaper to use a non-qualified plumber but this is often not the case and you risk losing more money and even your life. Our plumbers in battersea repairs & install waste disposals, central heating powerflushing.

Further and more detailed information on plumbing responsibilities can be obtained from plumbers battersea, regulations

Do I need to choose a Gas safe plumber ?

It is vital that you only use Gas Safe registered engineers that have had full and complete training to work with gas and gas appliances. Here are some reasons why:

Fire & Explostion - Faulty appliances or badly fitted gas joints and seals can lead to risk of fire if your plumbing work isn't maintained or installed correctly. Where there is a large build-up of gas there is a real chance of a major gas explosion. We have all seen scenes on the news of households that didn’t use a plumber, and importantly a Gas Safe plumber to maintain their property electrical and gas appliances. It can bring a house down to just rubble with no occupants standing a chance of survival.

Safety - Gas safe register exists to keep you and your family safe in the knowledge that you are using a reputable and credible plumber which is the initial priority.

Carbon Monoxide - This might sound shocking but it is a true, real risk to members of the household if your appliances, boiler and gas supply are not fitted, maintained and regularly checked by a Gas Safe plumber. Carbon monoxide is odourless, colourless and deadly. Every household should have a carbon monoxide tester installed as they really do save lives. Ask your reputable plumber about these.

Leaks - Gas leaks can cause real danger but they can also be very small leaks that can easily go unnoticed. Firstly there is a cost element as you will be using more gas than is necessary and secondly the leak can of course continue to get worse leading to real problems.